Gas Range Installation Checklist

    • You have measured your hallways, doors, and inspected the path for installation to make sure your new range will fit into your home. It is critical to measure available space.
    • You have measured the space where the range will be installed, including moulding, to make sure it will fit.
    • Due to Maine law, Agren does not make any connections to new gas ranges. A licensed gas professional is required to make these connections. Please arrange for gas connections with your gas supplier or licensed gas professional.
    • For propane ranges, an LP conversion kit is required, and conversion is available at an additional charge. Please notify us if you have an LP gas supply. Conversion kits may or may not be included with your new range. If not, they are must be purchased.
    • Built in or drop in ranges require an installation team for removal. We cannot cut countertops or make modifications to your home for your new range to fit.
    • A 110-volt 3-prong electrical outlet is within reach of power cord.
  • Important! We cannot use existing connection parts for new appliance hookups. This includes electrical connections.
  • Date Format: MM slash DD slash YYYY